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Veronica Belle, is a plus size fashion model, and is a complete natural beauty.

She is unique, because she is totally natural, and never gone through any plastic, or cosmetic surgery.

Veronica Belle, has more than 46.7 thousand, followers on instagram.

She has 1602 posts, and 1924 following.

She started modeling in 2015. Since then, she started to gather huge number of fans on all social media platforms.

Veronica Belle Biography and Facts

She is a confident fashion model, who has number of lingerie photo shoots.

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Real Name: Veronica Belle.

Profession: Modelling, Social Media Influencer, and Blogger.

Age: she is currently 30 years old.

Nationality: Canadian.

Hair color: Black.

Eye Color: Brown.

She is currently single, and dedicated to her work.

Veronica, has participated in number of modeling competitions, and planning to go for more.

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