The Rise of Viola Davis: The Actress Who Shatters Stereotypes and Glass Ceilings

In recent years, Viola Davis has made a rapid, meteoric rise to the top of Hollywood’s A-list and is being recognized as one of the best actresses of our time. This remarkable achievement is not only due to her undeniable talent, but also to her commitment to shattering stereotypes and breaking through glass ceilings. Davis is truly an inspiring figure who serves as an example for many to look up to and follow.

1. “Viola Davis: Breaking Stereotypes and Barriers”

Her Craft

Viola Davis is an American actor, producer, and director known for her powerful performances, often playing characters who fight against and break stereotypes. Gordon Davidson, California’s Art Center Director, once remarked on the talent Davis and her peers have, saying “They redefine power on stage and screen and the bar is set higher”. From appearing in the Broadway play Seven Guitars, winning six NAACP Image Awards, to playing roles in great films and television shows like How to Get Away With Murder and The Help, Viola has constantly sought to destroy and disrupt pre-established stereotypes of those under-represented in the industry.

Her Impact

She is also a strong advocate for women’s rights and puts her full effort into her projects to promote social justice. From being the highest-earning African American actress of all time, to spearheading projects and initiatives that empower African American actors, Davis is constantly striving to make sure every voice is heard. In 2017, she released her own production company, JuVee Productions, to assist with achieving her goals. Her career and advocacy have made a lasting positive impact in Hollywood and the film industry.

  • Powerful performances that break barriers and stereotypes
  • Award-winning roles and an ability to captivate audiences
  • Advocate for women’s rights and social justice
  • Leadership and influence in the film and television industry

2. “From Humble Beginnings to Hollywood Star”

For many Hollywood celebrities, their story of achieving fame is one of extraordinary determination. From small towns to superstardom, many famous actors have gone from highly unlikely beginnings to achieve huge success.

  • Will Smith: Smith grew up in West Philadelphia, and after being expelled from school began to pursue music and then, later, acting. From the 90s classic movie The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to his massive box office hits and Grammy Award-winning music, Smith is now one of Hollywood’s most successful stars – all from a tough start in an urban neighborhood.
  • Jennifer Lawrence: Lawrence started in numerous commercials before landing her first major movie role at the age of 14. She has gone on to win an Academy Award for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook as well as two additional Oscar nominations.

These are just two of the many stories of actors making their way from obscurity to stardom. It is evident that with enough hard work, commitment and perseverance, anything is possible.

3. “Challenging Preconceived Notions, Conquering Acronyms”

Dealing with acronyms can be quite a challenge for those who are new to the industry or the subject matter. Having to remember or recall the meanings and uses of potentially hundreds of obscure and ever-changing terms can be both intimidating and overwhelming. Conquering acronyms is a three-pronged approach that is key to attaining mastery:

  • Learning: Acclimate yourself to the different acronyms and terms used in the industry by reading texts and listening to lectures that explore the language.
  • Looking up: Whenever you encounter an unfamiliar acronym or a concept you don’t fully understand, do your research. Repeatedly doing this allows you to build a library of knowledge in your mind.
  • Cultivating curiosity: Once you have a base of information, challenge yourself to go deeper and to ask more questions in order to expand your repertoire and gain a fuller understanding.

Oftentimes, being able to recall the meaning of acronyms and terms inside and out has the power to undo long-standing preconceived notions. As you learn and investigate, your initial opinion or perspective on the matter may be revealed to be incorrect or misguided. With research and display of knowledge, any preconceived notions you had can be inversed or completely dashed.

4. “Defining the New Paradigm in Entertainment

The entertainment industry has changed drastically in the last decade and is changing again just as rapidly. Creativity in content production has been pushed to its limit, with new narratives and innovative storytelling methods emerging every day. As technology transforms, the paradigms that once defined what entertainment was are being redefined and reimagined.

Now, the focus in entertainment is shifting away from just consuming content and towards interactive experiences that blur the lines between content producer and consumer. Audiences now have the ability to view, craft, and share their stories within these platforms. This allows stories to be told on an unprecedented scale, giving rise to entire worlds and communities built on these interactive forms of content.

  • Evolving Storytelling – Redefining the way stories can be told, from traditional formats to world building and interactive experiences
  • Interactive Content – Accessing content, participating in it, and becoming a part of it, forming virtual communities and relationships
  • User-Generated Experiences – Allowing users to craft unique stories, engaging audiences in ways never before imagined

Viola Davis is a force to be reckoned with; her bold and powerful personality and iconic presence on the big and small screens makes her an inspiration to aspiring actors and activists everywhere. Her unstoppable spirit has allowed her to rise above countless obstacles and break countless boundaries, and she embodies the spirit of determination. We can only hope for more great things to come from this incredible actress for years to come.
Viola Davis is a triple threat who consistently stands in the ranks of Hollywood’s all star elite. Not only is she a veteran actress of stage, screen, and television—she is a producer, a humanitarian, and a trailblazer of equity and empowerment who continues to defy age-old stereotypes, break glass ceilings, and carve a name for herself as one of the greatest talents of our time.

The South Carolina native got her start on the stage before moving to the big screen, soon earning a Tony award with her performance in the stage production of King Hedley II; this in turn set the tone for her many endeavors, as she not only achieved iconic status with her powerhouse performances, but she also went on to become the first African-American woman to win the Triple Crown of Acting—an Emmy, an Academy Award, and a Tony.

This special recognition is just one of many achievements for Davis. She’s held major roles in the award-winning films The Help and Doubt; in the ABC hit drama How to Get Away with Murder; in and in the independent titles Widows and Fences, the latter of which earned her an Academy and Golden Globe award. All of this has come on the heels of a successful Broadway career that has included Tony awards for her performances in August Wilson’s Fences and in Tennessee William’s The Night of the Iguana.

What separates Viola Davis from many of her contemporaries is her commitment to shining a light on the stories of often-overlooked individuals. This was clearly evident in her 2017 Emmy acceptance speech—in which she expressed her gratitude to those who “didn’t have a voice” and “had no choice”—and continues to be on display to this day, as shown by her work as one of the executive producers of the groundbreaking race-inspired series, Underground Railroad.

The future is looking bright for Davis, as she’s sure to bring her brilliant skills to the table in her upcoming projects, which include the action-thriller Widows and the comedy Small Great Things. With her formidable talent and charisma, Viola Davis is quite literally shattering stereotypes and breaking glass ceilings—bringing representation, insight, and understanding to those who have often been silenced. Her commitment to entertaining and inspiring the world is admirable, and in the coming years, we can expect her to continue her legacy of excellence.

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