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Thamy Kichese, Plus Size Model, Social Media Influencer, Instagram Model, Body Positive Activist, Brand Promoter, Brazilian Models

Thamy Kichese is a plus size model and a popular instagram star. The tall and beautiful social media star is from Brazil.

She is an amazing digital content creator too. The amazing beauty has got talent.

She engages a large number of audience. Thamy has got beautiful smile and killing looks.

The Brazilian beauty is a body positive activist too. She believes that women can play role in every aspect of life.

Thamy Kichese Facts and Biography

The instagram beauty started her career on 23rd January 2014.

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She started posting her selfies and short videos on instagram which became hit very fast.

Currently, Thamy has some 47.5 k followers on her instagram account.

She likes to travel and dance. The model enjoys wearing bright colors and her floral dresses are quite a hit among her fans.

Thamy Kichese – Nationality, Profession, Physical Features

Real Name: Thamy Kichese.

Country: Brazil.

Nationality: Brazilian.

Profession: Model, Body Positive Activist, Tik Toker, blogger and entrepreneur.

Hair color: blonde.

Eye color: black.

Dress size: 14.

Shoe size: 7.

Hobbies: dining out, modelling, and travelling.

Thamy Kichese Net Worth

Net Worth: the amazing model has got a net worth of around 700 k US dollars.

Thamy Kichese Relationship Status

Relationship Status: She is single.

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