Tally Sharp Biography and Facts | Plus Size Instagram Model

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Tally Sharp, is a plus size model, and a YouTuber.

The plus size model is beautiful and bold.

She is very popular on Instagram, and also has created, a YouTube channel.

Tally, has around, 30 thousand subscribers on her YouTube channel.

She has erased, the myth and stereotyping, in the fashion world.

She believes, that every girl can become a model, even if she is plus sized.

The body positive model, is very confident and bold.

Her dressing sense, is very popular among her fans.

Country: England.

Nationality: Half Israeli, Half British.

Weight: 100 kgs.

Hair Color: Brown.

Eye Color: Grey.

Body Type: Apple shaped.

Profession: YouTuber, Lifestyle blogger, Instagram model.

Net worth: She has a net worth, of around one million US Dollars.

Favourite artist: Beyonce, Timberland.

Hobbies: Modelling, travelling.

She is currently single, and not in a relationship right now.

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