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Taissa Veloso, Social Media Star, Body Positive Activist, Brand Ambassador, Plus Size Model, Social Media Influencer, Instagram Star, Brazilian Models, Fashion Models

Taissa Veloso famously known  for fat and free model, is a plus size model, an instagram star, and a social media influencer. The stunning beauty belongs to Brazil.

Currently, she is living in Pirai.

The gorgeous model reviews about various make up products. The model is famous for her beautiful figure and amazing looks.

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She loves to travel. Taissa is a YouTube celebrity as well.

Taissa Veloso Facts and Biography

The stunning model is a happy go lucky girl who loves to pose for her fans. Taissa has got beautiful straight hair. She posted her first picture on Instagram in 27th March, 2013.

She represents various number of brands like marijoiasa, dolce Amanda, bemequero plus size and many more. Taissa is popular for her lifestyle photos. The plus sized model poses for various fashion and lingerie brands. The beautiful model is  multitasking. She is also a TikToker. Taissa is very famous on all social media platforms.

Currently, she has 9622 followers on her Instagram account.

Taissa Veloso – Nationality, Profession, Dress Size, Physical Features

Real Name: Taissa Veloso.

Country: Brazil.

Nationality: Brazilian.

Hair colour: Grey.

Eye Color: Brown.

Profession: model, entrepreneur and brand ambassador.

Taissa Veloso Net Worth

The beautiful model has a net worth of around 500 K US dollars.

Taissa Veloso Relationship Status

She is currently single.

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