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Sierra is a plus sized model and an amazing Instagram star. She is very well known for posting her beautiful selfies in colorful outfits on her social media accounts.

The model is apple shaped but very confident and never concerned about her body weight.

Sierra was born and raised in United States of America. She is a stunning model with purely innocent looks.
Sierra is a lifestyle blogger.

The social media star is very popular among her fans.

Sierra Facts and Biography

Sierra uploads her lifestyle and travelling photographs on Instagram and other social media platforms.

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The US born has a huge number of fan following. Sierra currently has 26.9 k followers on her Instagram.

The amazing model sets an example for all the plus size girls and women that they are beautiful as they are.

Sierra- Age, Nationality, Eye Color, Body Type and Profession

Real Name: Sierra.

Pet Name: Sierra Sunflower.

Age: She is currently 22 years old.

Hair color: Red.

Eye color: green.

Body type: Apple Shaped.

Dress size: 16.

Shoe size: 7

Profession: She is an Instagram star, a fashion model, and a body positivity activist.

Sierra Net Worth

Net worth: The bold and beautiful model has a net worth of 700 thousand dollars.

Sierra Relationship Status

She is in a relationship

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