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Instagram influencer, Model, brand promoter, YouTuber and digital content creator

Sidra Rose, is a talented Instagram and other social media celebrity and a gorgeous plus size model from United States of America. She is currently living in California.

She is amazing and she is confident. Her fans follow her because of her versatile personality and beautiful looks.

The model is very in born plus size girl but she faced it with all confidence.

The rising social media star is purely natural and never gone through any cosmetic surgery.

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Sidra is a rising social media celebrity who has currently 15k fans on her Instagram account. Her fans are growing day by day.

She has posted 614 posts on her Instagram account.

Sidra Rose Facts and Biography

Sidra calls herself a nature lady. She likes to hike, swim and travel to all natural places.

The model keeps herself fit and healthy.
Her hair do is loved by her fans.

The amazing model has a friendly, and cheerful personality.

The social media star is working with various clothing and accessories brands. She is also a pet lover. Sidra has 2 dogs.

Sidra Rose – Nationality, Physical Features, Profession

Real Name: Sidra Rose

Country: America.

Nationality: American.

Profession: Instagram influencer, model, brand promoter, YouTuber and digital content creator.

Hair color: dyed in pink and purple shade.

Eye color: brown.

Dress size: 14.

Shoe size: 7.

Sidra Rose Net Worth

The stylish model has got a net worth of more then 800 k US dollars.

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