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Salma, is a plus size model, and an instagram star. She is beautiful and young.

She is also a brand ambassador, social media star, body positive activist, self-acceptance activist, and blogger.

The model is well known, for her mesmerizing photos, on her instagram. She was born, and raised in Florida, USA.

She is currently living, in Orlando, Florida. Salma, started posting on her instagram in April 27th, 2014.

She started her official modeling career, in 2018, as model, through different social media platforms.

Salma Facts and Biography

The popular social media star, has a huge fan following.

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Profession: Instagram Model, body positive, blogger, and a brand ambassador.

Hair color: dark brown.

Eye color: black.

Salma Body Measurements

Body Measurements: 41, 34, and 45.

Bust size: 41.

Waist size: 34.

Hip size: 45.

Dress size: 16.

Shoe Size: 6.

Salma Net Worth

Net Worth: The beautiful model, has a net worth of around, 400 to 600 thousand dollars.

The gorgeous model, is in relationship.

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