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Oddny Ingolfs Biography, Wiki, Social Media Influencer, YouTuber, Fashion Diva, Instagram Model, Brand Promoter, Nail Artist, Icelander Plus Size Model

Oddny Ingolfs is a beautiful instagram star, a YouTuber, a fashion diva and a social media influencer.

She is from Iceland. The beautiful model works, for numerous fashion brands.

Oddny, is a multi talented girl, who is a born artist too. She paints on various Canvas, and post her art pieces on her social media accounts.

She works for curvy kate lingerie brand. The plus size beautiful model, also works for other fashion clothing brands, like juna rose by vero moda, blue lagoons, pretty little things, and many more.

Oddny Ingolfs Biography and Facts

Her nail art pictures, are very much famous among her fans.

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Oddny Ingolfs Body Measurements

Real Name: Oddny Ingolfs.

Country: Iceland.

Profession: Instagram Model, artist, brand promoter and a nail artist.

Hobbies: travelling, painting, nail art and music.

Hair color: Brown.

Eye Color: black.

Dress SIZE: 8.

Shoe size: 6.

Oddny Ingolfs Net Worth

Net Worth: the model has a net worth of around, 400 to 500 thousand US dollars.

She is currently single.

She is not married.

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