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Nicole Buchanan, Plus Size Model, Body Positive Activist, Social Media Influencer, Brand Promoter, Instagram Star, Fashion Models, American Models

Nicole Buchanan is a glamorous plus size model. She is famous for her awesome figure and amazing looks.

The gorgeous social media star is based from Los Angeles, America.

Nicole is a multi talented model. She is a social media star, an Instagram model and above all, a talented make up artist.

She loves to travel. Specially she loves to visit the beaches.

Nicole Buchanan Facts and Biography

Currently, she has two thousand one hundred and fourteen followers on her Instagram account.

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Nicole has been working for number of fashion brands like forever 21 plus and others. She also promotes various make up brands.

She share wonderful make over looks with her fans.

Nicole Buchanan – Date of Birth, Nationality, Profession, Physical Features, Hobbies

Real Name: Nicole Buchanan.

Country: America.

Nationality: American.

Date of birth: 8th June.

Dress size: 12 to 14.

Shoe size: 7.

Eye Color: Brown.

Hair Color: blonde.

Profession: modelling, YouTuber and social media star and a make up artist.

Hobbies: modelling, travelling and make over.

Nicole Buchanan Net Worth

Net worth: the beautiful model has a net worth of around 400k to 500k US dollars.

Nicole Buchanan Relationship Status

Relationship status: the model is currently single.

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