Maria Makarova Biography | Russian Gorgeous Plus Size Model | Age | Height

Maria Makarova, is a Russian gorgeous plus size, curvy fashion model. Maria was born, and raised in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

She posted her first Instagram picture in May, 2013. Maria Makarova, is also a Body Positive artist, and Digital Creator.

Maria Makarova Biography and Facts

Real Name: Maria Makarova.

Age: 27 years old.

Ethnicity: White.

Height: 5 feet, and 7 inches.

Eyes Color: Brown.

Bust Size: 50 inches.

Waist Size: 41 inches.

Hips Size: 54 inches.

Dress Size: 20 UK, and 18 US.

Shoe Size: 41 EU, and 7 UK.

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