Kayla Logan Biography | Body Positive Activist | Social Media Influencer

Kayla Logan Plus Size Model, Social Media Influencer, Instagram Star, Social Media Celebrity, Brand Promoter, Body Positive Activist, Canadian Models, Fashion Models, Body Positivity Artist, Mental Health Advocate

Kayla Logan is sized model and a popular Instagram star. She is very well known for posting her beautiful lingerie shoots on her social media accounts.

The bold and attractive model is from Canada.

She has got friendly nature. Kayla is not only an Instagram star it also a YouTuber.

She has got 340 thousands fans on her YouTube channel.

The gorgeous model is also a podcaster.
Kayla is a lifestyle blogger.

The social media star is very popular among her instagram fans as well.

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Right now, Kayla has more than 47 thousand fans on her Instagram account.

Kayla Logan Facts and Biography

She uploads her amazing outfits photographs and spreads positivity among her fans.

Kayla has also worked for clothing brands like knix, anthro toronto, shop arq and others.

She is a confident model who loves her body.

The amazing model loves to visit beaches. She is a outstanding digital content creator.

The fashion model sets an example for all the plus size girls and women that they are beautiful with their bodies.

Kayla Logan – Nationality, Profession, Dress Size, Shoe Size, Hobbies, Net Worth

Real Name: Kayla Logan.

Net worth: The bold and beautiful model has a net worth of 700 thousand dollars.

Country: Canada.

Nationality: Canadian.

Dress size: 14.

Hair color: Blonde.

Eye color: Hazel.

Shoe size: 9.

Profession: She is an Instagram star, a fashion model, a body positivity activist and a mental health advocate.

Kayla Logan Relationship Status

She is currently unmarried

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