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Janae Girard, is an instagram star, and a famous model. She is young and enthusiastic.

The social media star, has gained popularity from her lifestyle photos.

The model is widely, known as Honey Dip. Janae has a huge number of fan following on instagram.

Currently, she has 567 thousand followers, on her instagram account.

She was born, in USA on 29th May, 1998. Sheis currently 22 years old.

She has gained, huge fame from her instagram photos, and is one of the youngest social media star, who is rich as well. Janaeofficially started her career in 2015.

She is an official brand ambassador of fashionNova curve global.

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Height: 5 feet, and 8 inches.

Birth Sign: Gemini.

Weight: 66 kg.

Country: United States.

Nationality: American.

Profession: Instagram Model, Tik Toker.

Hair color: Dark Brown.

Eye color: Hazel.

Body Measurements: 36, 25, and 38.

Bust size: 36.

Waist size: 25.

Hip size: 38.

Net Worth: The approximate net worth of her is around, 1 million US dollars.

She is currently single.

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