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Giu Wanderley is a very well known social media celebrity.

The gorgeous lady is also a famous Instagram Model, and a mother as well.

Giu Wanderley is based from United States of Brazil.

The amazing model is a body positive activist who influences other plus size models and girls to come in front of all professions.

She loves to travel with her family. The amazing model is a beach lover. She is a swimmer too.

The gorgeous model is stylish and hard working and she knows very well how to make her fans happy.

Giu Wanderley Facts and Biography

Giu Wanderley is also popular for her lingerie looks. She has also worked with many photographers.

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The model is very famous in social media. She currently has 24.3 k followers on her Instagram account.

She is also popular on other social media networks.

Giu Wanderley – Nationality, physical features, hobbies, dress size

Real Name: Giu Wanderley.

Eye color : Brown.

Hair color: Brown.

Favourite color: black.

Height: 5 feet 7 inches.

Country: Brazil.

Nationality: Brazilian.

Hobbies: modelling, travelling and shopping.

Dress size: 14.

Giu Wanderley Net Worth

Net worth: the gorgeous model has a net worth of around 800 k US dollars.

Giu Wanderley Relationship status

Relationship status: the model is married.

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