Gabriela Caroli Biography and Facts | Brazilian Plus Size Model

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Gabriela Caroli, is a plus size model, and beauty, who is super model on Instagram. She is beautiful, and photogenic.

Gabriela, was born and raised in Brazil. Gabriela Caroli, is well known for her plus size.

Her beautifully curved, body dimensions, make her fans amazed.

The famous model, is a perfect example, how confident, and gorgeous a plus size model can be.

Her photos on Instagram, are very attractive. She also shares, her modelling shoot videos on her instagram account.

They are eye catching for the fans.

Gabriela Caroli Biography:

She has a huge number of fan following, on multiple social media platforms.

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Eye color: Green.

Hair color: Blonde.

Height: 5 feet, and 6 inches.

Body Measurements:

46, 37, and 50.

Shoe Size: 39.

Profession: Model, and social media star.

Gabriela Caroli Net worth:

Gabriela Caroli, has a net worth of more than, 1 million US dollars.

Current status: She is married, and a mother too.

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