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Emily Walden, American Plus Size Model, Lingerie Models, Cosplayer, Social Media Star, Instagram Influencer, Natural Beauty, Brand Ambassador

Emily Walden, is a plus size model, and a famous Cosplayer. She is known for fashion modelling, and cosplaying.

The plus sized model, is a complete natural beauty, and a dedicated professional.

The amazing girl, is a lingerie model too.

She believes, that women should not be afraid, or upset about their plus sized bodies.

Emily, is not only a model or cosplayer, but also a social media influencer, and a blogger.

She is compassionate, about her profession.

The bold and beautiful social media star, is also an entrepreneur.

She has her own page of business.

The multitasking beauty, has set an example for everyone, that nothing is impossible in this world, if you are hard-working, and dedicated.

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Zodiac Sign: Cancer.

Hair color: Blonde.

Eye Color: blue.

Profession: Plus size model, Cosplayer, and Brand ambassador.

Net worth: the beautiful model, has a net worth of almost, 1 million US dollars.

Relationship Status: She is currently single.

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