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Eleanna Victoria, Plus Size Model, Biography, American Models, Beautiful Fashion Lover, Social Media Influencer, Fashion Nova

Eleanna Victoria, is a plus sized model, and a beautiful fashion lover.

She is a well-known, for her plus size, in the world of social media.

Eleanna is a rising star, who has a magnificent taste of dressing and posing.

Her Instagram, is full of trendy clothing, photo shoots, lingerie photo shoots, and travelling photos.

The plus sized beauty, is from South America and currently, living in California.

She has worked for number of brands, like Fashion Nova.

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She also posts, various brands accessories photos, on her profile, which shows that she has got, a fabulous taste of fashion.

Real Name: Eleanna Victoria.

Age: 23 years.

BirthDay: She was born 9th May, 1999

Zodiac Sign: Taurus.

Currently Living: California.

Country: South America.

Profession: Instagram Model, body positivist, Social Media Influencer.

Hair color: Dark brown.

Eye color: brown.

Net Worth: Her net worth is lower than, 1 million US dollars.

She is currently single, and not in a relationship yet.

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