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Alexandra F Letona, Social Media Star, Brand Promoter, Body Positive Activist, Plus Size Model, Social Media Influencer, Instagram Star, Peru Models, Fashion Models

Alexandra F Letona is a plus size model and an instagram star.

She is from Peru. The beautiful model is a perfect combination of beauty and brain.

She is a well-known for her plus size in the world of social media.

Alexandra F Letona Facts and Biography

Alexandra is rising star who has a magnificent taste of dressing and posing.

Her instagram is full of trendy clothing photo shoots, life style photos, lingerie photo shoots and travelling photos.

The stunning model is not only a fashion model but also a body positivist who wants to inspire the world with her natural beauty.

The model has currently five thousand two hundred and twenty eight followers on her instagram ID.

Alexandra F Letona – Age, Profession, Nationality

Real Name: Alexandra F Letona.

Age: She is currently 22 years old.

Hair Style: straight.

Currently Living: Peru.

Profession: Instagram Model, body positivist and social media influencer.

Hair color: light brown.

Eye color: brown.

Alexandra F Letona Net Worth

Net Worth: The model is new and rising in the industry therefore her net worth is lower than 1 million US dollars.

Alexandra F Letona Relationship Status

She is currently single and not in a relationship yet.

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