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Alex Blair, is an American plus size, and pretty Fashion model. She is also great Musical artist, and Instagram star.

She is a talented lady, who is well known for being an internationally recognized, actress, and public figure.

Alex Blair, is very famous on social media. She is best known, for her Instagram short musical videos.

Alex, was born in 16th November, 1990 in Dallas, United States.

Alex Blair Biography and Facts

According to her date of birth, she is currently, 30 year old, as of 2021.

Real Name: Alex Blair

Date of birth: she was born in 16th November, 1990.

Age: She is currently 30 years old as of 2021.

Birth place: Dallas, United States.

Weight: 83 kg.

Height: she is 5 feet, and 8 inches.

Profession: Fashion Model, Musical artist, blogger, and social media personality.

Nationality: She hold American Nationality.

Alex Blair Body Measurements

Body Measurements: 43, 34, and 50.

Hair color: Blonde.

Eye color: Black.

Dress size: 14 to 16.

Shoes size: 9.

Alex Blair Net Worth

Net worth: she has a net worth of, 1 million dollars.

She is very popular on social media.

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